Source: XFL and Carrier Dome Discuss Bringing Pro Football Team to Syracuse


Full story:

Source: Discussions have taken place between the XFL and the Carrier Dome regarding the prospect of bringing a professional football team to Syracuse, New York. It’s unclear if these discussions are ongoing. Per “standard practice,” Dome officials can’t confirm or comment.

Also unclear is who initiated the discussions. If the Dome received a letter/proposal from the XFL then Syracuse would officially be 1 of 30 “finalist” cities for 1 of 8 XFL teams set to launch in 2020. While unlikely, it is possible that the Dome initially reached out to the XFL.

Possibly complicating matters for the Dome is scheduling the five home XFL games. The Dome is currently home to 300 events per year. Further making scheduling difficult is that the Dome is set to undergo extensive renovations over the next four years.

The new roof in particular will not be completed until after the new XFL’s inaugural season in Winter/Spring 2020. The XFL season will overlap with the NCAA College Basketball season.

So far only 3 out of 30 cities are confirmed to be an XFL finalist city, meaning that they have received a letter from the XFL. Those cities are St. Louis, Houston, and San Antonio.

I have made multiple attempts at securing official comment from the Carrier Dome, Pete Sala – Dome Managing Director – in particular. None of my calls and emails have been returned.

Pete Sala did respond to an email from a member of the “@XFLToCuse” group. Sala’s response was posted on the #XFLToCuse Twitter page. It reads in part: “We have a lot of different performers and entertainment partners reach out to us regularly about potential opportunities. As is our standard practice, we only comment on or announce confirmed entertainment opportunities.”


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