RickyReports.TV is a student created news website that acts as a home for content created by Ricky Sayer. Ricky Sayer attends Syracuse University where he studies Broadcast & Digital Journalism at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. He is an Executive Producer and Reporter at CitrusTV. Ricky, who is 20, has been publishing news reports since he was 13.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. bendict101

    Hi Ricky,
    Like your reporting style and web site.
    You mentioned you were going to do a report on elementary overcrowding that may result in expansion. If so please contact me– the Penn Wynne Civic Association is trying to get School board to consider variations on their plan which preserve the Penn Wynne Elementary field for kids and community. Penn Wynne Elementary currently has highest density of Kids / outdoor play areas. There is a lot of pressure on board to keep costs to bare minimum, but we have two alternate plans.

    Thank you,
    Ben. bendict101@yahoo.com (610) 955-1944.


  2. Danielle Love

    Hi i had a question about one of your youtube videos. Harriton Spring 2016 Rap Slam Poetry Concert: https://youtu.be/zjo4OoS-qXQ

    The young lady who gets on after the first musical performance joey. What is her name does she haveany other posts of her writings. Shes amazing.


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