First Image of Planned NFL Draft Stage on Rocky Steps Surfaces


A rendering for the planned 2017 NFL draft shows how the famed “Rocky Steps” will be incorporated into the planned stage. The image which displays the plan was shown to an Philadelphia business organization group. Philadelphia resident  attended the Center City Propertiers Association Event. She shared the following image on twitter.

The image shows that the main stage will be located towards the top of the iconic steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum, made famous by the “Rocky” films.

Previously Billy Penn reported that NFL senior VP of events Peter O’Reilly said “The red carpet will come out to the terrace [of the Art Museum] and then into the green room behind,” O’Reilly told me. “When they are picked, they will come down, and we are building the theatre right into the steps. It’ll be, I don’t know how many steps, but one of those landings they will walk down and we’re going to keep it raw so you see the steps on there.”

“The behavior is running up,” O’Reilly admitted, “but they’ll walk down.”

The players’ entrance will be built into the existing structure, so the drafted players will walk down a path with fans seated on either side of them to a podium where NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will be waiting to shake their hands and bro-hug the living heck out of them.”

The above image was shared with the media at a press conference where details of the draft experience were revealed. It is unclear if it shows the draft stage itself, or if it shows the selection square stage, which is where picks are actually made.

Ricky “Reports” Sayer is a Harriton High School senior. He is attending Syracuse University in the fall. 

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