Website Created to Expose Harriton Students


Published Thursday September 8th

Over the past 24 hours it came to light that a student had created a website whose intentions were to share media that showed Harriton Students “doing illegal/bad things.” The site, which at this moment has shared 4 images was created by someone using the pseudonym Greg Stephenson. The Harriton Administration was alerted to the existence of site on Tuesday but have told me that anything posted on the site has not, and will not likely, lead to any discipline for those whose pictures have been posted as the pictures, as a fourth party, may have been altered to make it appear as if someone had done something wrong. Today, during lunch at Harriton, a group of students attempted to find out the actual name of the person who had created the site. In doing so they came to the realization that the phone number used for logging into the site was the same as a student in the group. This led to speculation that the owner of that phone number was the creator of the website. The student denied this while admitting that this phone number connected to the site was their own. For his own safety, the student had to be escorted out lunch to their advisor. The student told me he soon met with a school administrator, during this meeting the student told the Administrator that the IP address associated with the site was not the same as the students phone or computer. Ricky Reports has not independently been able to confirm this. As it currently (unconfirmed) stands the student was framed. The goals of the website as stated by the site are to “expose students who do illegal things so they can get punished for them.” As well as “To expose students who do illegal things so colleges can really see what A+ students look like when not in school.” The creator of the site also hopes to show that things posted to the internet do not disappear and there are ways to successfully snitch. The creator of the site showed that they had already archived the contents of the website. Sources tell me police are aware but not investigating. This is a developing story.

Note: To protect the privacy of those involved this article does not contain names or the websites name.

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