Harriton Student Council election results released!


Harriton’s election season has come to a close   with students voting for their favorite canidate. RickyReports.TV has the exclusive results as well as reaction from the candidates. For the first time in recent memory the officer team will be composed entirely of seniors. Your 2016-2017 Harriton Student Council Officers are:

President: Ben Barnett
Statement: Statement: “Honored. Grateful. Humbled. These are just a few of the words that come to mind in light of the news that I will be serving as your Student Council President for the 2016-2017 term. I am excited to work with an excellent group of officers along with the rest of Student Council. Finally, I would like to congratulate Hunter and Lorenzo for running a strong campaign. Thanks again Harriton.”

Ben posted the following in his facebook group “Harriton,
I am honored to announce that I will be serving as your Student Council President for the 2016-2017 term! I am extremely humbled by this entire experience and I am excited to begin my term as President. I look forward to building stronger relationships with our administration as well as our new principal to ensure that the Student Body has a powerful influence on change in our school. I would like to congratulate both Lorenzo and Hunter for running strong campaigns, and for presenting ideas that will improve our school. I look forward to working with them in the future.

None of this could have happened without your votes. The student body does indeed have a voice and as President I am going to make sure that each and everyone of your voices are heard. I have big things planned for next year Harriton, and I plan to accomplish each and every one of them.
Thanks for all of your support.

-Ben Barnett”

Vice President: Jon Diamond-Reivich

Statement: “I am honored to have been elected by the student body to serve as Vice President. I look forwarding to working with my fellow officers and the rest of the student body to bring improvements to our school, and to carry on the standard of excellence that our school has set.”

Secretary: Sonia Groenveld

Statement: “Id just like to say thank you soso much to everyone who voted I can’t wait to make you proud Harriton!!”

In her facebook group Sonia wrote: “So honored and excited to announce that I will be Harriton Student Council’s 2016-2017 secretary. I would also like to congratulate Ibby on running a classy campaign and look forward to working closely with her next year. I cannot thank the people who supported and voted for me enough. I truly am soso thankful. I promise to keep my word and make you proud Harriton!! Go rams!!”

Treasurer: Catherine Liu

Statement: “I want to thank everyone who supported me, shout-out to jack, he ran a great campaign. I am looking forward to working with Jack also in the future in council and just have a great school year next year”

Sergeant at Arms: Davis Burton

“Statement: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen of Harriton High School for your support this election. I’m pleased to announce that I will be serving as your student council Sergeant at Arms for the 2016-2017 school year.  I’d like to extend a sincere congratulations to my opponent Robert Flemming for running an excellent campaign, and I look foreword to working with the rest of the student council to make this school a better place than the one it was upon our election. Thanks again!

-Davis Burton”

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